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Korea's leading

of industrial robots.

G&B independently localized LM Guide and Actuator for the first time in Korea with constant technology and R&D investment.
We will do our best to grow into a global company preparing for the future on behalf of Korea in the industrial robot field.


Localization of core parts

Through continuous technology research and production development, we have localized LM GUIDE and ACTUATOR independently for the first time in Korea.

Core technology

We have core technology related to sliding motion analysis capability, heat treatment application technology, and ultra-precision processing technology.

Global company

The brand value is recognized by leading customers, and we will do our best to be reborn as a global company preparing for the future on behalf of Korea in the field of LINEAR MOTION SYSTEM.

Shared growth

It is a company that grows together as a business partner that is essential for mobile phones, semiconductors/displays, robot devices, and industrial automation equipment.


You can check out GnB Co., Ltd.'s differentiated core technology.


Main Facility

You can take a look at the latest equipment status of GnB Co., Ltd., which boasts the best technology.


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Catalog Download


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