KGB Series

GnB Co., Ltd., Korea’s leading manufacturer of industrial robots

KGB Series Features

Compact Design

By canceling LM Guide, we could design and manufacture 30-40% lower than regular cartesian robots.

Easy Lubrication Conditions

Nipple mounting on mobile SLIDER makes it easy to refuel.

Weight Lightening

The Aluminum production of BASE is lightweight compared to regular LM Guide

Product Life Cycle Extension

It is possible to replace Ball Screw after prolonged use of KGB Actuator.
KGB Actuator has wide-compatibility with any kind of standard Ball Screw.

High Rigidity

Allows for high moments by wide gaps compared to regular LM Guide usage.
Extended the length of the slider block to compensate for the rated load and secondary moment compared to competitor.

Slider Integration

Improved the vulnerability of stiffness and repeatability due to frequent repetitive driving by uniting ball screw unit and linear slider block.

Improvement of Shaft Vibration

Improved axial vibration when stopped after high-speed driving. Improved setting time compared to LM Guide integrated Units of competitor.