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Common Specifications

Motor 50W 100W SERVO
Output Table Support Bearing Two-tier ball bearing and trust bearing structure.
Acceptable Torque (N.m) 8
Inertial Moment (J:kg.m2) 73.14 x 10 -6
Allowable rotational speed (rpm) 428
Deceleration rate 14
Degree of repetitive positioning (sec) ±10sec(0.0028°)
Lost Motion(min) 1(0.016°)
Permissible Trust Load (N) 350
Permissible Moment Load (N.m) 8.9
Output Table Surface Vibration (mm) 0.015
Light vibration (mm) inside (external) of the output table 0.015
Output Table Parallelity (mm) 0.03
Weight (kg) 0.7

GSR60-14 Dimension(mm)