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KGB030C (Open)

Common Specifications

Body Size(mm) 30
Repeatability(mm) Rolled: ±0.008, Ground: ±0.005
Ball Screw ø6
Robot Color Black
Motor W 28mm Stepping Motor
Ball Screw Classification Rolled
Ball Screw Lead(mm) 1 6
Max. Payload(Hor. Kg) 4.0
Max. Payload(Ver. Kg) 1.5 4
Max. Speed(mm/s) 24 144
Acceleration/Deacceleration(sec)* Min. 0.15 (0.1 G)

Static Allowable Moment(N·m)

Mp My Mr
20 20 20
※ Consultation is required on the use of Non-Standard Motor.

Max speed by stroke and product weight

Ball Screw Stroke(mm) & Speed(mm/sec)
Ø06 Stroke 25mm 50mm 75mm 100mm 150mm
Lead 1 50mm/sec
Lead 6 300mm/sec
Weight excludes motor(kg) 0.3 0.5 0.7 0.9 1.1
※ Parallel weight need to plus 0.4kg of the product weight.

Allowable Overhang Distance(mm)

Case of installation
Horizontal Wall-Mounted Vertical
Reference picture
[Coordinate system]
* The allowable separation distance should be located inside the marked dotted line. Please consult with the headquarters for any special matters or reviews.
* The distance from the center of the top of the carrier to the center of gravity.
※ Specifications, appearance, and conditions of use may be changed without notification to improve the product.

KGB030C Dimension(mm)