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Patent and certification.


No. 10-2016423
Linear stage with off-the-shelf ball screws

No. 10-1247942
Carbon shaft continuous grinding machine

No. 0385429
Head block for embroidery machine

No. 10-1633642
Linear stage manufacturing method

No. 10-1687800
Linear stage

Utility model registration card

No. 0210515
Guide groove forming device

No. 0324356
V-cutting bite grinding device

No. 0324357
Chip guide groove grinding device for V-cutting bite

No. 0209934
Head block for embroidery machine

No. 30-0824093
Block for linear motion guide


No. 190601-00174
Main-Biz Certificate

No. 20190101715
Venture Company Certification

No. 2020111058
Company-Affiliated Research Institute Certificate

No. R150601-00126
Inno-Biz Certificate

No. 2018-0508
Family Friendly Company Certificate